What Makes a Modern Global Citizen and Thinker?

People today are more mindful of the world around them. They see themselves as global citizens while thinking globally.

What Makes a Modern Global Citizen?

A modern global citizen is someone who lives in the present age while being aware of societal issues. Because people can access so much information through their smartphones, TV, YouTube, or other sources, they are able to be aware of what’s happening internationally very quickly. Being informed is crucial because it allows people to stay conscious of politics, economics, social issues – anything that impacts society. Even if it doesn’t affect them directly at first glance, they understand that everything is interconnected at some level and will likely touch their lives eventually.

Modern global citizens also take an active role in promoting change within their own communities. For example, safety is an issue in every community, whether it’s the safety of pedestrians at night or the safety of young girls when they go to school. By addressing safety concerns and taking steps toward finding a solution, modern global citizens are actively working to make their communities (and ultimately the world) safer for everyone.

Modern global citizens also seek to learn about other cultures by cultivating an understanding of different languages and traditions. This allows them to share what they’ve learned with others and creates a sense of unity across borders.

What Makes a Modern Global Thinker?

A modern global thinker takes active steps toward solving problems through critical thinking skills. They don’t simply depend on what they know or have been told; instead, they seek to understand the deeper meaning of information and how it is relevant to their lives. They take a holistic approach when solving problems and think in terms of comprehensiveness and interconnectedness.

Modern global thinkers also encourage learning in children and adults alike. By finding ways to address common misconceptions, they help others see how far-reaching education can be.

Modern global thinkers utilize creativity in order to solve complex issues. They actively pursue new ideas that might lead them down unexpected paths – the only way for society to evolve into something better than its current state is by taking chances, challenging what we already know, and exploring different possibilities instead of getting stuck with habits that no longer serve us well. 

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