Month: December 2021

Pop Quiz Commercial Real Estate Investing


I read once that if you took all the real estate lawyers in Illinois and laid them end to end along the equator – it would be a good idea to leave them there. That’s what I read. What do you suppose that means? I have written before about the need to exercise due diligence…

Signs You Need Crawl Space Repairs


Professional contractors have the experience and knowledge to determine the cause of the problem and offer the right solution. But when do you know it is time to bring in a professional crawl space repair contractor? Here are some signs you should look out for: 1. Presence of water If there is water in your…

Importance Of Professional Window Washing


Your home is your most prized possession and proper maintenance including window washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and moss removal should be your first priority. You cannot really afford to let your home crumble due to lack of proper upkeep and it is essential that the above processes are done at regular intervals. In this…